Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It’s that simple.

One of the banks in PNG recently ran a radio commercial for their new online banking service, which replaces their old online banking service (and requires an entirely new, slow application process in which you give them all the information about you that they already have because of the old service).

The advertisement focussed on how easy it is to set up an account – just six easy steps. That’s right ONLY six and they are all easy. I may not remember every detail of every step, but this is the gist:

1 – go online and download an application form,

2 – complete the form and take it into your local branch,

3 – sit with the customer service agent whilst they complete the registration online from the information in the form,

4 – wait two days for the processing (yeah right, my application has already been several weeks, but then again they did lose the first form so I had to start from scratch),

5 – receive your login details in the mail,

6 – call the customer services line to get your temporary password, then you can log on, change the passwod and finally use the service.

That’s it, just visit a website, fill a form, visit a bank, … wait … , receive a letter, call a phone number and visit a website.

It’s that simple!