Thursday, June 3, 2010

the law to the rescue

There once was a man, outside Pot Mosbi, who had a boat which he kept tied up in what he thought was a safe location. To further ensure its safety he paid a guard to watch it. One night the guard fell asleep, as guards are want to do on long, hot, boring nights (which is to say most nights). Some raskals happened by and stole the boat, taking it to a neighbouring island, apparently in order to get their hands on the outboard motor. The rightful owner of the boat, who was understandably vexed by this turn of events castigated the guard roundly and enthusiastically, and then reported the matter to the police.

In the course of the afore mentioned castigation the former owner of the boat used that four letter expletive much beloved of modest-talent Hollywood directors. The F-word as it is coyly referred to by those who think there maybe someone nearby who is less worldly and more easily offended than themselves.

The police attended promptly and arrested the owner for swearing at the guard. Although a modest ‘bail’ payment secured his release a court case is pending.

The theft remains an unsolved and possibly uninvestigated crime.